Heading out portable

It’s such a great day outside and it’s also a contest-free weekend, I think, so I’m going to head out and hopefully do some portable operating at one of my favourite operating spots (Clare castle country park). I hope to be on 40m within about 1/2 an hour or so from now (1251 local time). I’m only taking my Yaesu FT817, 7aH SLA, 40m dipole and 20ft fibreglass mast, so I apologise if I’m not a great signal.

73 for now and I might work you soon. I’ll try to blog again when I get set up


Welcome to Pedestrianmobile.co.uk

A while ago I set up the Yahoo group ‘UK-Pedestrian-Mobile’ and had many people sign up who were interested in the fascinating part of our hobby that is pedestrian mobile amateur radio operation. I thought it was time to bring the site more mainstream so now we are live on this domain.

There is a forum available for you to share your experiences, designs on your setup, favourite places to operate, hints and tips.


Also, you will find a gallery where I will post any pedestrian mobile photos that are sent to me on m0mjh [at] yahoo.co.uk


A massive thanks must go to Paul (M0TZO) for hosting this website.